Used Laptops – Tips For Buying

This time I have little tips on buying used laptop. Due to the laptop is already a requirement for almost every situation or job. Since Laptop prices are still quite expensive, buying the used laptop too often becomes a choice. But what matters are to be aware of when buying used laptop? Here are the basics tips should be noted when you will get a used laptop. Especially the used laptop that is still good and very fit for use.

See the laptop casing.
Scratched casing shows that the laptop is less treated. This certainly affects the inside. It is perhaps that the laptop has been dropped.

See screen.
Is there a severe stroke, is there a dead pixel. The laptop screen is an expensive part so you must not buy damaged one.

See the keyboard.
Keyboard for typing is also important, the price was quite expensive.Because it needs to check one by one if it still works. Likewise, the function key (FN) and the shortcut buttons other.

Check the batteries. Battery life is very important to use when traveling, so you should check the used laptop batteries. Normally it can last between 45 minutes to 90 minutes-use type, read and listen to music.

Check Wifi, bluetooth, webcam and card reader. If there is, don’t forget to check the standard features of this laptop.

Check the warranty. If the second laptop you want to buy is still in a guarantee, check whether the serial number and place of purchase.

Check the laptop series in its official dealerships. It is intended to make sure that the laptop is not the contraband one.

Make sure that the laptop is still available of the spare parts. Point out to ensure that the spare part is still produced by the manufactory. It’s not funny when the screen was suddenly broken and there is nothing to sell it.

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