Purchased a Laptop? Tips On The Most Efficient Use!

Today more and more people ask questions about the proper use of a laptop.

The main problems are: short life of battery, problems with cooling and perhaps the most painful problem is how to disassemble a specific model in order to clean from dust, to update thermal paste, add memory or replace the hard drive.


Modern laptops use batteries of Li-Ion type. This type of battery has no weaknesses of old batteries. I.e. they have a weak memory effect and do not need to be fully discharged before the charge. For Li-Ion battery on the contrary, it is more appropriate that they are not discharged below the 3-5% of charge. As for shortcomings we can note fastidiousness on the temperature regime from 5 to 45 degrees Celsius of working temperature and 15-25 for the optimum temperature. When not keeping the temperature Li-Ion batteries can fail too early, if the temperature is too high, they can even explode.


Usually the problem with the temperature of the notebook components arise in models with weak or inefficient cooling system. In this case, specific accessories may help you. Such as supports for a laptop or a cooling stand. You can use the materials at hand, such as a book: the subject should be put under a laptop so that the angle of ascent back was no less than 5 degrees, it will provide a more efficient operation of the cooling system, due to the increased volume of the captured air. This problem is urgent, as a rule for the game configurations, to run office applications and light loads additional cooling is usually not required. Lowering the temperature of the notebook components may also have a beneficial effect on the battery.

Another sure way to maintain a favorable temperature of treatment for a laptop is to periodically clean the grate, through which air is sucked in, because dust is one of the main enemies of portable equipment.


It’s not a secret that in the World Wide Web you can find lots of instructions for disassembling of laptops. But it’s worth noting that such actions on your part can lead to certain faults. After all, if the laptop is still under warranty, it is best to use the service warranty, because these services are initially included in the price of the manufacturer. In the event that warranty service has already expired, you can always contact the service for the provision of preventive maintenance on cleaning and replacement of thermal paste and diagnostics. The problem lies in the fact that most of the parts are printed and installed without human intervention. As a result, without proper equipment and knowledge of certain details the housing can be damaged or what is worse is an important component or wiring may be broken.

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