Protect Your Mobile Phone – Advantages Of Using Mobile Phone Cases

All kinds of mobile phone cases are available with drop protection. Cell phones generally have slippery backs, and a good case can add a bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of your hand. Albeit your phone slips and fall off your hand, the cover can protect it from damage.

Advanced smart phones are delicate devices that need to be handled with utmost care. These are expensive to replace and more vulnerable to bumps and scratches. Most phones have a camera lens flush with the back which is much more prone to scratches and damage. A damaged camera lens can make your snapshots look dreadful. Furthermore, you could also damage one of the keys on your phone, which would make your unit much difficult to use than just a few scratches.

The WHO has classified mobile phone radiation as potentially carcinogenic for human beings. The absorption of these harmful radiations can cause biological disorders such as cancer and tumor. A scientifically designed case, which is available for a variety of different mobile phones, redirects radiations away from the user and reduces this exposure (Specific Absorption) by more than ninety percent. Specific Absorption Rate is the measure of radio frequency energy radiations absorbed by the human body in watts per kilogram. Leading mobile phone companies including warn mobile users to keep the device at least 25 mm from the body to reduce the ill-effects that can be caused from radio frequency radiations. Mobile phone covers can reduce this exposure at least up to a certain limit and thus you stay protected from biological disorders.

A cell phone case is the most cost effective investment for your mobile phone. It increases the resale value of your phone by reducing the chance of accidental damage from knocks and scratches. Moreover, it will also reduce the risk of getting dirt and dampness inside your phone.

Now-a-days, phone accessory companies make special cases designed for improving the signal strength. These signal strengthening cases are cost-effective means of getting good signal strength and better connectivity. There are some companies that specialize in making protective iPhone and iPad cases which include a special plating to increase signal, conserve battery life and improve device performance.

Buying a mobile phone case is a wise precaution. You can experience the peace of mind with a wide range of available high quality cases. These days’ such cases are available in all colors and textures from leather to crystal cases to suit your taste. A mobile phone case gives protection to your phone against the normal abrasion it experiences and also allows you to tailor the appearance of your phone.

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