Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Laptops are the workhorses of the modern world. They facilitate commerce, further communication and improve lives for people from all walks of life. Dinky netbooks have opened up the low cost end of the market, providing mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity for those with small budgets. At the high end you can buy fully fledged gaming and HD multimedia laptops which weigh more than baby elephants and aim to replace desktop PCs for good. Whichever type of laptop you own there are many different laptop accessories available aimed at improving your mobile computing experience. Some also cater to those looking for an accessory to give their laptop a personalised, aesthetically pleasing zing.

One of the most essential laptop accessories on the market today is the Bluetooth dongle. If you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth and you are sick of having to hunt for that USB cable every time you want to transfer your photos or sync up your contacts with your PC then a Bluetooth dongle is essential. You will be able to transfer files and folders back and forth without the need for wires getting in the way. Modern Bluetooth dongles are extremely small, designed to fit flush against the side of your laptop so that you do not need to remove them during transit and you will not snap them off when they are in use.

If you are mostly going to be using your laptop on a desk at home then you should definitely invest in a laptop stand. Laptop stands improve airflow around the base of the laptop and more importantly provide you with a keypad that is angled at a more comfortable slant. This is particularly sensible if you spend a lot of time typing on your laptop. Laptop stands can be basic, but more expensive items can include built in power adapters that will give your battery a rest and improve its lifespan.

Not all laptop accessories are as austere and functional as those discussed above. If you are particularly in touch with your feminine side or you are, in fact, a woman, then there are plenty of laptop accessories aimed at you. It seems that any manufacturer looking to target the female market with their product goes through a very simple marketing process. First they take something useful and then they paint it pink. Interestingly a scientific study held in 2007 showed not only that most girls prefer pink and red hues to boys, but also that it is based on nature rather than nurture. As such you shouldn`t feel guilty about purchasing pink laptop accessories if you are a woman since it is programmed into your genes.

When it comes to pink laptop accessories the major choice for women is which carry case to choose. Whilst the average laptop bag is bland, black and bulky, there are a huge number of fashionable laptop bags available online. Everyone will be surprised when you pull a laptop capable of connecting to wireless broadband from a bag that looks more like an expensive leather handbag.

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