IPhones Made Gooey With the World of Goo App

IPhones Made Gooey With the World of Goo App

World of Goo, released by 2D Boy in 2008 for the WiiWare service, is now available on your favorite iOS device.  The mobile version is flawless and even better than the original; it seems as if it was made to be played on a touch screen.

In each level you build structures and solve puzzles, by linking various goo balls, in different fashions.  Each ball reacts differently; you’ll find some that float, some that bounce, and some that are flammable.

The goal is to get connect your goo balls, until they hit a vacuum, which you’ll find on the other side of the screen.  One ball is dropped from your chain, as you add each additional link, so its critical that you formulate your structure in the most efficient way possible.  If you use too many balls on your path, you’ll be forced to start the board over.

When you finish a level with more than the required number of goo balls, they go into an overflow world, where you can construct your surplus into the gooiest castle of your dreams.  World of Goo tracks the size of your overflow-build and your achievements through Game Center, an iOS online gaming community, where you can see who has the biggest balls.

World of Goo is compatible with all iOS devices running version 3.2 or greater. The iPhone/iPod versions cost $ 2.99, with the bigger screened iPad version costing a few dollars more.  World of Goo is a lot of fun and I give it two pig thumbs up.  Get it today and start playing with your gooey balls.

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