Cell Phone Cover Review

Cell Phone Cover Review

Making a fashion statement isn’t just wearing designer clothes and having a new car, you must have a cell phone cover for your phone that is fashionable. It used to be that you could only find those cheap plastic mobile phone covers that snapped on. Soon as you’d drop your phone, the cover would split apart and break, and so would your phone. Those phone covers are now being replaced by new and improved covers made to protect your cell from damage. You can still find the less expensive plastic cell covers, but now through technology, they are made to be unbreakable. They are even making phone covers out of silicone and soft rubberized plastic.

You have a brand new cell and now you’re going to be purchasing a phone cover that will protect your phone from being damaged. So many of us carry our cell phones in a pocket or purse where the screen can get scratched so easy. A good cell phone cover will prevent this from happening. Skins are a fantastic new way to protect your cell phone from damage. There are skin cell phone covers that are rubberized and fit over your phone. They provide a secure grip and protect the sides and corners against scratches. The key board and screen remain uncovered. These cell covers are very inexpensive and run around $ 3. There is a brand new skin cell phone cover product that has just arrived. This is just a thin piece of silicone type material that you peel off and place right on over your phone. It’s made with 3M material, has a 3D effect, and is sealed with and anti-scratch coating. It will not leave a film when removed from your cell . These covers come in many different designs, from the expensive Ed Hardy theme to the lower costing plain colors.

Phone covers are sold just about everywhere and are priced $ 2 to $ 100 depending on the material there made of. Leather cell covers are very nice and a bit more expensive than the other types. You can find leather cell covers in cell stores, leather shops, and upscale department stores. Safari print cell phone covers are most popular right now. You can even get a cover to match your purse and wallet. Leather cell phone covers last a long time and are very trendy.

Cell phone covers are a great way to protect the cell phone and are likely not more expensive than Chargers.

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