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There are many camera tips out there but many people still don’t know how to use cameras properly. It can be tough learning how to use such a complex little machine. Cameras are getting more technical and one button can be used to do hundreds of different functions nowadays. If you have a small point and shoot camera you know what I mean with the mechanism that a few buttons can do a whole bunch of cool things. This article will run through the basics of a camera and what you definitely need to know.

Operating a camera is simple. Basically you point, push the shutter button, and take the photo. This is great for most people, but since you probably want to take better shots than the average person, you need to understand and master your camera.

The best place to start in learning your camera is with the manual that it came with. Every camera has different buttons and systems. Learn what everything does and where to find certain functions. This is critical that you do this.

All cameras have certain functions that are universal. One such setting is the shutter speed. This controls how long light is let into your camera to expose the shot. A longer amount of time means that you will have a brighter shot. Long exposures are good for dark settings and short exposures are good for bright scenes such as the beach. When you use program modes like “beach” or “shade” it’s basically setting the settings to what is usually used for those places.

Another universal setting is the aperture. This controls the amount of light is let in through the opening, or iris. A large opening will let in lots of light and is great for dark settings. A small opening is good for sunny days and such. Large openings will make you have a shallow depth of field whereas a smaller opening is good for landscape shots that need everything in focus from the foreground to the background.

After you learn how to use your camera, you then are given the flexibility to take shots any way you want. No worrying about finding the right preset mode. You set the mode yourself! The next key is learning how to compose great shots.

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