Which Camera Accessories Do You Really Need?

When it comes to camera accessories there are more to choose from than you know what to do with, even the most seasoned professional will have the odd item in their kit bag which rarely gets used but seemed such a good idea at the time. If you’re just starting out it can seem overwhelming and incredibly expensive so here’s a quick guide to most common camera accessories.


The memory card is one of the most important camera accessories you’re likely to need, you can still take photos without the other items on this list but without a memory card you’re going to be very limited to how many photos you can take and actually keep. Memory cards care also one of the most flexible things on this camera accessories list too, in terms of price, size and availability. The memory card basically holds all the photos you’ve taken until you have the chance to unload them and can range from small and quite cheap to cards that can store thousands of images and can cost more than some cameras. The more serious you are about your photography the larger the memory card you’re going to need and like batteries it never hurts to have a spare.


When it comes to camera accessories you might want to think about a lens, when choosing a lens for your camera one of the most important factors to consider is the focal length as this will the field of view of the photos you’ll be taking. When it comes to portrait shots and close ups you’ll want a narrower field of view but when taking longer, landscape shots a wide-angle lens will prove more effective. You’ll also need to consider the speed of the lens too, the speed determines how much light the lens lets in and very simply a fast lens will let more light in than a slow lens. The amount of light the lens lets in will have an impact on how your photo comes out.


The tripod is one of the more important camera accessories to any serious photographer, it not only reduces any shaking or wind turbulence if you’re outside, but it ensures the camera is positioned and is able to stay in the exact right place for your shot without placing too much strain on the photographer. If you’re trying to take a low down shot, you’re soon going to get uncomfortable physically holding the camera in the perfect position. Like the other camera accessories I’ve mentioned they too will vary in price depending on what you’re looking for meaning you can pick them up quite cheaply if needed. Modern tripods (especially the more expensive ones) can also be very light and compact so you don’t have to worry about dragging heavy camera accessories around with you.

Flashes & speedlights

Like the lens, your camera will probably already have a flash built in but adding an additional flash or speedlight can dramatically improve the quality of your photo. You need the flash when there is not enough ambient light to expose your subject, your camera will provide a quick burst of light to take the photo with. However, the built in flash may not be as strong or powerful as you need it to be so adding an additional flash unit can provide extra illumination and improve the exposure of your photo, when it comes to camera accessories an additional flash can be really beneficial to the serious photographer.

Bags and cases

Finally once you’ve got all your camera accessories you’re going to need somewhere to put them. Throwing then all in the nearest plastic carrier bag isn’t going to be a very good idea. Although a camera bag can seem like an expensive version of a normal backpack there really is no point in investing in an expensive camera and all the camera accessories to go with it if you’re not going to keep them safe. A specifically designed camera bag will have individual compartments for all your different camera accessories and more importantly will keep them safe. It’s important you find the right bag to fit your camera and your camera accessories as squeezing them into a bag that’s too small can be equally as damaging as throwing them into that carrier bag. Make sure the bag feels comfortable, if you’re going to be carrying it about all day it cant feel unbalanced or too heavy.

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