Browsing and Camera Tips for Apple Users

Changing technology is something that is always full of surprises for the digital consumer. When we talk about an Apple user especially those who are hooked on to their iPad or an iPhone they need to find out all about the hidden functions. Chances are that it is not always that you are aware about them, especially those related to online functionality and the camera tricks. Let us find out more about these in detail.

Online browsing tips

Website Content

Often while browsing through your iPhone it becomes difficult to go through the content displayed on a given website or a web page. The reason can be too much content or too much other distracting content. To overcome this problem you can tap Reader Button located at the top of the Web page. This way you will be better able to view the text displayed upon the given web page. The text will appear larger and clearer. Additionally this will help you hide advertisements but remember this option is not available on all the websites. Same steps can be applied on your iPad too while browsing.

Capturing Screenshots

It happens often that while browsing online you come across a content or an image that you would like to store on your device but do not know how. This can be easily done via pressing the physical Home button and power button together. This will capture the screenshot of the image that you want to store also as soon as the image is captures you will hear a click sound. The captured image automatically gets stored in your camera roll, now you can even share it through e-mail or across your network.

Search tips

Looking through each menu for your favored app on your iPad or iPhone is time consuming but if you know an easy tip then you can avoid wasting time: swipe from left to right hand on the home screen to reveal a search option. Now enter the name of the app that you are looking for. You can utilize this function for searching other content including, text, calendar entries, contacts and e-mails.

Camera and pictures

iPhone Camera tips

Capturing images is one such thing that any Apple user would love to do with their device. Nevertheless, the feel of clicking pictures using a shutter button is something that requires locating the trick to do it. Apply the following steps:

• Open Camera app
• Locate the volume + button
• Press the button to capture picture

This way you can easily take a self-portrait shot or even ask your friend to do it for you. What if your phone is locked and you need to launch the camera app? You can launch the camera app without unlocking the screen, here is how: Slide the Camera icon up to launch the camera app. This way you can capture picture while maintaining privacy of your other stored content on the phone.

iPad picture frame

After capturing a picture from your iPad you might be tempted to put it on display on your digital picture frame. But for this you need to have one with you, well, not necessarily so. You can easily convert your iPad into a digital picture frame, Tap Picture Frame icon located at the right side of the unlock bar. This will launch the function of slide show. Now you can prop it in the iPad case and put it on tabletop. Remember this way only picture frame is active and your slide show is ongoing, if you need to access other functions then you need to unlock the screen. If you want to choose specific pictures then Go to Settings> Picture Frame.

iPad Screen Tips

If you want to make some adjustments with your iPad screen and you are still looking for shortcuts then apply the following tips.

For disabling the sound or apply the mute effect on your iPad, you need to change the default setting of lock function: Setting> General> Side Switch to Mute or Lock Rotation.

If you want to quickly mute your iPad then double tap Home> Swipe from left side to right to reveal mute button, volume sliders and set screen brightness.

The above tips will help you save time while browsing and help utilize your Apple device for performing more easy to do actions.

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